Scam warning

Beware of malicious phone calls and emails masquerading as being from Mizuho Bank employees

Recently, we have been made aware of an ongoing social engineering scam where an individual or individuals have been purporting to be representatives of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. or Mizuho Global or other Mizuho named entities, in order to scam unsuspecting consumers.

Please note that we do not provide retail investor services in Australia, so please be cautious if you receive a phone call or electronic communication related to the offering of any type of consumer based service.

We have also become aware that entities purporting to belong to Mizuho Financial Group and calling themselves "Mizuho Mergers & Acquisitions," "Mizuho Investments Inc.," "Mizuho Investments Beverly Hills," and "Mizuho Financial Global," have established websites and are engaged in activities on the internet. Please beware that these companies have absolutely no relationship or association with Mizuho Financial Group or any of our group companies.

These are attempts by the perpetrators to defraud individuals of money.

Mizuho does not offer investment or banking products to retail customers or individual investors in Australia.

If you receive such a call, email or any other type of communication offering you such products purportedly from Mizuho, please report them to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) at

Further advice on common scams and ways to protect yourself can be found at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) via


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