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Beware of Phishing Scam

Mizuho Bank Malaysia has been made aware of an ongoing phishing scam claiming to be affiliated with Mizuho Financial Group and using such terms and company names as "Mizuho Mergers & Acquisitions," "Mizuho Investments Inc.," "Mizuho Investments Beverly Hills," "Mizuho Financial Global," "MZH Invest Group Pvt. Ltd.," "MZH Investment" and "Mizuho Unit" in order to scam unsuspecting consumers. Kindly take note that none of these companies are a part of Mizuho Financial Group. You are advised to consult your local branch when in doubt.

Please be more vigilant if you come across of this kind of communication. Always contact our bank through official communication channels for verification.

Tips to avoid phishing scams:

  1. Pay close attention to the sender's name. 
  2. Do not click on suspicious links or attachments. 
  3. Be vigilant when making online transactions. 
  4. Take additional precautions when requested to provide your company details. 
  5. When in doubt, please contact the bank for confirmation. 
  6. Keep your browser and anti-virus software up to date. 
If you suspect that you may be a victim of a financial scam, please contact our hotline at 03-20582179 or the National Scam Response Center (NSRC) at 997 to report the incident. To learn more about the NSRC, kindly read the FAQ here: https://nfcc.jpm.gov.my/index.php/soalan/about-nsrc 


  Check Scammer CCID:    CCID Scam Response Center:   CCID Infoline:   


013-2111222 (WhatsApp only)


Freezing of Accounts Suspected of Fraud

As part of our continuous efforts to enhance customer experience and security of all transactions done with the Bank, we wish to highlight to customers that the Bank may freeze any accounts that we suspect may be used as a conduit for fraud transactions and we will collaborate with both regulators and other financial institutions to streamline and enhance due diligence in relation to any suspected fraud transactions including processing, operations and prompt remedial actions of any illegal transaction(s) to the rightful persons.

The Bank may temporarily suspend or freeze any funds in our account or any related transactions if the said transaction(s)

(i) are suspected of being proceeds of any criminal activity (illegal transaction);
(ii) are pursuant to any fraud or any other type or mode of suspicious transaction(s);
(iii) are a subject of any court orders or judicial determinations; 
(iv) are pursuant to any direction from any supervisory body having jurisdiction over the Bank to conduct such assessment or review;

so as to permit the Bank to conduct said verification and assessment as deemed appropriate to determine the nature of the transaction(s) or the account(s).


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