Improving convenience

Mizuho is working to improve convenience for our customers by creating joint branches that seamlessly provide banking, trust banking, and securities products and services and by developing digital services available on smartphones and other devices.

Full–service branch and ATM networks

Mizuho is the only Japanese megabank with branches in every prefecture in Japan. In addition, we are the No. 1 Japanese megabank in terms of ATM networks, due to our strategic alliance with Aeon Bank, Ltd.

We are also expanding extensively outside Japan, especially in growing markets in other locations in Asia.



Optimizing our services for mobile devices

When smartphones began gaining popularity in Japan, Mizuho launched one of the first online banking services for smartphone users. We have since improved the service's user interface and user experience by incorporating updated knowledge and technologies as well as customer feedback. As a result, our Mizuho Direct smartphone application has won a Good Design Award.

Initiatives taken in fiscal 2018 to 2022

May 2018 Implemented AWS on Mizuho Direct app
August 2018 Launched cashless payment service Mizuho Suica on Mizuho Wallet app in cooperation with JR East Japan Railway Company
August 2018 Linked Mizuho Direct app with the Toranoko spare change investment service 
January 2019 Began implementing AI in automated interactive response service Mizuho Chat Support
March 2019 Began offering J–Coin Pay
January 2022 Updated the Mizuho Direct smartphone app
July 2022 Launched cash cards with debit functions linked to the smartphone app

The Mizuho Wallet app was linked with the Mizuho JCB Debit card at the July 2022 launch of the Mizuho JCB Debit Integrated Cash Card. In addition to using QUICPay to make payments using a smartphone, the Wallet app adds new convenience for cashless activities by enabling users to verify usage details and account balances for the Mizuho JCB Debit statement.

Offering new lending services

Together with Softbank, in November 2016, Mizuho Bank established J. Score Co., Ltd. and introduced Japan's first AI score-based lending service, with the aim of offering fintech–based lending services for retail customers.

In May 2019, we launched Mizuho Smart Business Loans, an online lending service targeted at small and medium–sized enterprises. The service is the first of its kind from a Japanese megabank. We plan to continue enhancing our banking services going forward.

Information about the establishment of a new joint venture with the aim of launching a new lending service
Bringing innovation to business and society through digitalization

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