In the sustainability section of our website, we endeavor to deepen our communication with stakeholders by reporting on the results of activities in accordance with our approach toward sustainability as well as related policies and plans. In an effort to further promote sustainability, Mizuho is disclosing information on its related activities in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

Mizuho issued an Integrated Report, which effectively combines the content of its CSR Report and Annual Review effective from fiscal 2015. In preparing this Integrated Report, Mizuho referred to the guidelines set out under the International Integration Reporting Framework.

Integrated Report

The CSR Report and the Annual Review were integrated into a single Integrated Report in fiscal 2015.

Besides financial information, the Integrated Report contains information regarding such subjects as corporate identity, corporate strategies, and ESG (environment, society, and governance). The report presents information on Mizuho's efforts related to strategies, governance, corporate culture, and other subjects along with information on how those activities are leading to the creation of value for Mizuho and society over the short–, medium–, and long–term. It is edited with the intention of providing stakeholders with concise and clear explanations in a story–like form.

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TCFD Report

The Task Force on Climate–related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is a task force led by representatives of the private sector, established in December 2015 based on recommendations from the Financial Stability Board in order to enhance the availability of corporate information related to climate change. It issued its final recommendations report in 2017. At Mizuho we support the intent and aims of the TCFD Recommendations and are working to engage in initiatives and enhance disclosures in accordance with the recommendations.

Latest report

TCFD Report 2023(Double page)(PDF/6,937KB)

TCFD Report 2023(Single page)(PDF/4,482KB) 

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TCFD Report 2022 (PDF/4,358KB)
TCFD Report 2021 (PDF/1,308KB)
TCFD Report 2020 (PDF/1,421KB)

Sustainability Progress

On April 2024, Mizuho disclosed its "Sustainability Progress 2024 (PDF/3,911KB)".

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Sustainability Progress 2022 (PDF/2,946KB)

Human Rights Report

Mizuho has published its Human Rights Report based on the United Nations Guiding Principles Reporting Framework since FY2022 that gives a comprehensive overview of Mizuho's respecting human rights initiatives to increase transparency and provide for accountability to its stakeholders in regard to its initiatives for respecting human rights.

Human Rights Report 2023 (PDF/3,653KB)Human Rights Report 2023

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Human Rights Report 2022 (PDF/3,777KB)

Other Sustainability-related Publication

Mizuho Sustainability Focus

COP28 (United Nations), held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from the end of November 2023, discussed emission reduction targets, expansion of renewable energy capacity, and other related topics, attracting attention to their impact on future industries and businesses. In Mizuho Sustainability Focus, we provide an overview of the latest topics related to corporates’ effort towards sustainability and our insights focusing on significant changes in industrial structure and new business model.

Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023 (PDF/10,933KB)

Publication of Mizuho Sustainability Focus 2023 (PDF/86KB)

Impact Business Compass

Impact Business CompassImpact Business Compass (PDF/5,029KB)

Impact Business Compass (two-page spread) (PDF/3,259KB)

Publication of Impact Business Compass (PDF/425KB)

Archived Integrated Reports

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