Financial and Economic Education


Mizuho supports financial and economic education at various locations and institutions, harnessing the group's wide range of practical knowledge and know-how about finance, nurtured through the provision of comprehensive financial services.




In May 2019, Mizuho set a target for financial and economic education participants over the next five years.


Target for FY2019–2023



Number of participants during FY2019–2022

Approx. 130,000

Total number of participants since FY2006




Increasing online activities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to curtail our participation in lecture sessions and educational opportunities in FY2022. At the same time, we continued to increase our online class offerings and utilized remote educational tools. As a result, the number of participants in our classes increased from the previous fiscal year, reaching a total of 14,688.


Activities by Region

We are implementing a wide range of efforts to support the need to improve financial literacy in countries around the world.

Americas  |  EMEA  |  Asia Pacific  |  Japan

Activities at Schools

Mizuho supports financial and economic education at various stages of education, targeting both students and teachers.

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