Giving Back to Communities

As part of Mizuho's commitment to its local communities and society at large, Mizuho encourages direct community engagement by employees.  Staff worldwide innovate and implement volunteer activities that address local needs, often in cooperation with local governments and NPOs. Mizuho’s talented professionals offer their time, skills and expertise, connecting with other colleagues and community members to share solutions and support.  

In addition, Mizuho supports systems that establish volunteer leaves to enable employees to participate in a wide variety of volunteer activities.

Mizuho Volunteer Day

logoMizuho Volunteer Day is Mizuho Financial Group’s largest global corporate social responsibility program worldwide. Since 2006, thousands of Mizuho employees, family members, and friends have participated in Mizuho Volunteer Day. Volunteer team leaders work with colleagues to identify local needs and develop programs in response, demonstrating Mizuho’s commitment to supporting our communities and teamwork

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