Corporate Governance Policy

Mizuho's Corporate Identity, which is composed of Corporate Philosophy, Purpose and The Mizuho Values, serves as the concept that forms the basis of all activities conducted by Mizuho Financial Group. 

Under the "Mizuho's Corporate Identity," MHFG forms basic management policies and strategies for its entire group and has each company in our group work together and promote such group strategy. We aim to fulfill our social role and mission by giving due regard to creating value for diverse stakeholders and realizing improved corporate value through continuous and stable corporate growth and contributing to internal and external economic and industrial development and prosperity of society.

MHFG, as a holding company, plays an active role in the management of our group and takes on a planning function with respect to strategies and policies of our group and a controlling function with respect to each company of our group as part of its business management, and establishes a corporate governance system consisting with the Board of Directors at its core, which operates for the benefit of the shareholders, and ensures that self–discipline and accountability of management of our group is fully functioning.

Basic policy regarding its corporate governance system

MHFG has adopted a Company with Three Committees in order to realize the basic policy regarding its corporate governance system.

(1) Secure the effectiveness of corporate governance by ensuring the separation of supervision and management and making supervision of the management such as the execution of duties, etc., by executive officers the primary focus of the Board of Directors.

(2) Make it possible for the management to make swift and flexible decisions and realize expeditious corporate management by the Board of Directors' delegating decisions on business execution to executive officers.

(3) Utilize committees, etc., comprising mainly of outside directors who are independent from the management of Mizuho, and secure transparency and fairness in decision–making processes and the effective supervision of the management.

(4) In the course of designing the organizations, etc., comprising the corporate governance system that realizes matters set out in items 1 through 3, the Company is to actively adopt operations and practices that are recommended at a global level regarding corporate governance as well as compliance with Japanese and foreign laws and regulations as a financial group expanding across the globe.

For your reference, MHFG puts on its website "Corporate Governance Guidelines," which set out the fundamental perspectives regarding corporate governance in Mizuho, and the framework of the corporate governance system and the roles, composition, and operation policies of the Board of Directors, Executive Officers, Nominating Committee, Compensation Committee, and Audit Committee in MHFG as a Company with Three Committees.

The Corporate Governance Report, which sets out the status of MHFG's corporate governance system, has been submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and it is also put up on the websites of both the Tokyo Stock Exchange and MHFG.

(Related Principle of Corporate Governance Code)

Principle 2.1, Principle 3.1 i), Principle 3.1 ii), General Principle 4

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