Syndicated Finance

We have a solid reputation in the syndicated loan market, leveraging our global network and large pool of investors to distribute debt in both the primary and secondary markets.

In the first six months of 2020, Mizuho Financial Group was the 6th ranked global loan bookrunner by proceeds. (Source: Refinitiv, Global Syndicated Loans Review)

Global Syndicated Loans

Source: Refinitiv, Global Syndicated Loans Review

Structure of a Typical Syndicated Finance

Syndicated Finance Flowchart

  • As an arranger, we negotiate terms and conditions with clients and secure syndicate lenders.
  • As an agent, we oversee an array of administrative tasks, including processing loan applications, assigning loan portions, and disbursing principal and interest payments to other syndicate lenders on behalf of the customer.

Benefits of Syndicated Loans


One of Japan's Strongest Syndication Houses

As a leading bank in Japan, we're continuously ranked at the top of the league tables in the Japanese market with the best syndicated loan professionals and an excellent track record. We have accordingly built strong relationships with investors in Japan, including regional banks, trust banks and institutional investors.

Mizuho's Share of the Japan Syndicated Loan Market–Bookrunner (2020 H1)

Source: Refinitiv, Global Syndicated Loans Review


  • The use of the above products or services is contingent upon the credit assessment in accordance with Mizuho Bank’s prescribed procedures. As part of this assessment, you may be required to submit certain documents.
  • Commissions will be charged for the various services performed as the arranger or agent of a syndicated loan. Commission rates differ depending on the details of the syndication.
  • Please consult an attorney, accountant, or tax accountant regarding any legal matters, accounting issues, or taxation concerns.


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