Activities in Higher Education

Endowed lectures and courses

We continue to fund and support lectures and courses at universities with the aim of cultivating the next generation of skilled financial personnel. We enlist the help of highly experienced managers from various group companies to conduct courses on banking, trust banking, securities, asset management, and think tanks, leveraging the latest hands-on financial knowledge as a financial services group.

In addition, we send our employees as lecturers upon request from universities and industry associations to provide one-time courses on financial topics. We are working to make the content practical and timely by setting topics aligned with the latest macroeconomic and financial industry trends.


Lectures and courses given by Mizuho Financial Group

Educational Institution Commenced Course (Main Theme)
Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University FY2006 Contemporary Corporate Finance
Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University FY2007 Advanced Banking Theory
Faculty of Law, The University of Tokyo,
Publication of a book of lectures presented in courses sponsored by Mizuho: Lectures on Financial Law
FY2007 Financial Law
Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University FY2007 Career Education and Life Planning
Institute for Liberal Arts, Tokyo Institute of Technology FY2019 - Digital Innovation of Financial Institutions

Lectures and courses given by Mizuho Securities

Educational Institution Commenced Course (Main Theme)
Faculty of Economics, Keio University FY2004 Corporate Finance Theory
Faculty of Economics, Graduate School of Business Management, Kyoto University FY2005 Frontiers of Corporate Finance
Theory of Financial and Capital Markets
Corporate Finance and Management
Business Leadership Workshop
Corporate Finance and Capital Markets
Faculty of Commerce and Management, Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University FY2005 Theory and Practice of Corporate Finance
Theory and Practice of M&A
Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management
Theory and Practice of Financial Risk Management
Graduate School of Global Business, Meiji University FY2005 Corporate Finance in Actual Practice
Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo FY2007 Case Study (Capital Markets and Public Finance)
Kokugakuin University FY2015 Theory of Management Science
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