Disclosure Policy


Basic Principles

We are committed to growing together with our customers in a stable and sustainable manner and bringing together our group–wide expertise to contribute to the prosperity of economies and societies throughout the world as the leading Japanese financial services group with a global presence and a broad customer base. For this reason, we place one of the highest management priorities on continuing to disclose information to our customers, shareholders, and investors both in and outside Japan in a fair, timely and appropriate manner, in order that they may form proper judgments and appraisals of the group. To achieve this aim, we observe applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as stock exchange rules relating to corporate disclosure, and we establish and implement appropriate Disclosure Controls and Procedures.

Disclosure Controls and Procedures

(1) Establishment and implementation of Disclosure Controls and Procedures

Our Disclosure Controls and Procedures are established to observe applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as stock exchange rules and to implement fair, timely and appropriate corporate disclosure. The Disclosure Controls and Procedures are the process carried out by directors, officers and employees of Mizuho Financial Group and include Internal Controls over Financial Reporting designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the reliability of Financial Reporting and the Preparation of Financial Statements. We have established the basic principles underlying our Disclosure Controls and Procedures as well as our internal rules related to Disclosure Controls and Procedures that govern the management framework for the entire Mizuho Financial Group including group companies, and we endeavor to establish, implement and continuously improve our Disclosure Controls and Procedures. Our Disclosure Committee is the Business Policy Committee that is responsible for discussing and coordinating matters relating to Disclosure Controls and Procedures.

(2) Evaluation of effectiveness of Disclosure Controls and Procedures

Our Disclosure Controls and Procedures are documented, and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of our Disclosure Controls and Procedures is conducted regularly by reviewing the contents of such documentation and their implementation. In addition, evaluation of the effectiveness and appropriateness of Disclosure Controls and Procedures is conducted through internal audits.

(3) Others

We established a "Code of Ethics for Financial Professionals" to be observed by all directors and executive officers, as well as all managers and other employees within Mizuho Financial Group who engage in financial reporting, accounting or disclosure. We have also developed the "internal control and audit hotline", a system designed for reporting questionable accounting, internal control, or auditing matters from both inside and outside Mizuho Financial Group.

Disclosure Methods, Other

(1) Disclosure methods

With respect to the information which is required to be disclosed pursuant to applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as stock exchange rules, we follow the defined disclosure procedures such as publishing such information in business reports (Jigyo–Hokoku), annual securities reports (Yukashoken–Hokokusho), Integrated Report (Annual Review) and other disclosure publications, as well as providing such information through the information distribution systems of domestic and international stock exchanges and through press releases. We also endeavor to disclose other information in a fair, timely and appropriate manner. When we disclose such information, we basically publish on our website the information we disclose. In addition, we endeavor to utilize the latest disclosure methods and tools to provide more fair and widespread disclosure.

(2) Investor relations activities

Investor relations activities to market participants both in and outside Japan such as shareholders, investors and securities analysts are conducted by the President & Group CEO, Group CFO, Chief IR Officer, and executives and employees designated by them. In accordance with our basic principles described in section 1 above, and with due attention to two–way communication, we endeavor sincerely to facilitate a proper understanding of our management strategies, financial condition and other matters. In this way, we aim to earn the trust of the market and obtain an appropriate market reputation.

Beginning with the disclosure required by applicable domestic and international laws and regulations as well as stock exchange rules, we endeavor to grasp properly the types of information desired by the market and to disclose useful and appropriate information voluntarily and proactively, in accordance with the so–called Fair Disclosure Rule ("FDR"). Regarding disclosure of information we consider particularly important, we communicate such information on an ad hoc basis as and when necessary, even if a press release has already been issued, through such means as special briefing sessions.

In addition, we respect various disclosure principles including fair disclosure. Accordingly, at individual calls, private meetings or conferences hosted or attended by representatives of Mizuho Financial Group we endeavor to limit carefully our explanations to matters already disclosed and facts commonly known.

Should we happen to disclose important information such as information subject to insider trading regulations and/or undisclosed financial results that might have a significant influence on stock prices, we endeavor to take necessary action such as officially announcing the information as soon as possible, in accordance with FDR.

(3) Correction of misconceptions in the markets

If we identify significant misconceptions regarding Mizuho Financial Group in the market due to the spread of rumors or otherwise, we endeavor to investigate their causes and correct such misconceptions promptly.


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