CS (Customer Satisfaction) Improvement Initiatives

This section reports on Mizuho’s initiatives to put its customer-oriented approach into practice.

Management of Customer Protection

This section explains the basic policy and the summary of Mizuho's Management of Customer Protection.*

*   Links to "Management of Customer Protection" of "About Mizuho."

Initiatives to Prevent Financial Crimes

This section explains initiatives to prevent losses as a result of illicit deposit withdrawals, efforts to prevent money laundering, etc., and activities to prevent losses to customer due to bank transfer fraud.

Initiatives Aimed at Improving Convenience

This section outlines details of Mizuho's initiatives aimed at improving convenience as well as channel strategy, Fintech, and other measures.

Initiatives to Promote "Barrier–Free" and "Universal Design"

This section outlines details of Mizuho's barrier–free and universal design initiatives from each of the tangible, intangible, and hospitality perspectives.


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