Activities at Schools


Elementary and secondary education

Joint project with Tokyo Gakugei University

As a joint project with Tokyo Gakugei University, we have developed tools and methods for financial education, and used these outputs to educate elementary and secondary school students.

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Children's Summer School

We host Children's Summer School at Mizuho Bank branches and other venues throughout Japan, giving children opportunities to learn about the roles of money, securities, and banks through on-site tours, classes, group work, and other activities.

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Workplace experience programs and school visits by employees

As part of our educational contribution, Mizuho provides opportunities at our branches nationwide for students to experience actual workplaces and learn about money, how the financial industry works and how it relates to our daily life. Moreover, each group company's employees visit schools and teach finance in classes as guest instructors.


Higher education

We continue to fund and support lectures and courses at universities with the aim of cultivating the next generation of skilled financial personnel. We enlist the help of highly experienced managers from various group companies to conduct courses on banking, trust banking, securities, asset management, and think tanks, leveraging the latest hands-on financial knowledge of our employees.

In addition, we send some of these employees as lecturers upon request from universities and industrial groups to provide one-time courses on financial topics. We are working to make the content practical and timely by setting topics aligned with the latest macroeconomic and financial industry trends.

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Training teaching staff

With the aim of spreading financial education across the educational front lines, we implement a range of initiatives focused on teaching staff.

Lectures held at the Faculty of Education, Tokyo Gakugei University

Under the aforementioned joint project, Mizuho Financial Group has been offering a course at Tokyo Gakugei University's Faculty of Education since 2007. This course targets students who wish to become school teachers, and is intended to equip them with financial knowledge as they create career and life plans.


Supporting training for teaching staff

Mizuho Securities has been providing and funding lectures aimed at nurturing educators capable of teaching children a range of financial skills, including investment and life planning.


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